Beer Tales

Beer Tales​

Our menu always changes. Old favorites come back and new beers appear. Here are a few new ones:

The Fickle Muse. This blonde ale really wanted to be a Redhead. The brewday started with the clear intention of bringing back our signature Red Ale, Grace O’Malley. In the hustle of brew day, a malt was left out. The result is a bolder Blonde with a little more attitude than usual. Named in keeping with our usual blonde, Writer’s Block, this one is a proud addition to our beer list.

Equipment Failure. Another bit of serendipity/salvage. We were brewing Lucy’s Wry Look Rye Amber when the equipment failed. The burner under our boil kettle burner stopped working and parts and help were not available for 4 days. To keep the brew going I shifted to a Berliner style kettle sour and added lactobacillius Viili and Piima, two Scandinavian yogurt strains that ferment at room temperature. Our Berliner Weiss had just tapped out and this gave me a chance to bring it back sooner than expected.

Prickly Ash Porter. This is an experiment. Prickly Ash, or Sichuan Peppercorn, is a primary ingredient in 5-Spice powder and a key ingredient in Sichuan cuisine. Known for its mouth-numbing characteristics, this spice also provides a rich citrus-like aroma. I chose to brew up a porter first, thinking that the strong and specific character of the Prickly Ash would have a good counterpoint in the malty porter character.

The Peat Monster. This is a monster rauchbier named after the mascot of the Los Angeles Scotch Club Peatin’ Meetin’. Heavily peat smoked malt combines with a very light hop character for a barbecue in a glass experience.