Beer Stories

Beer Stories


A Steampunk Beer.
4.6% ABV

 Dark hazy amber caramel color, soft malt hops aroma, low body, malt slight bitter hops flavor, mouthy finish, minimal malt aftertaste.
“California Common” is a beer born from necessity. There were no cool caves to brew lager beer in San Francisco so the brewers who had brought their lager yeast from Germany improvised. The result was “California Common.”Slightly maltier with a more complex flavor than a traditional lager, but still a refreshing beer after a hard day.
Our California Common is created from California Malts, Pacific Northwest and German Hops and German yeast. Brewed together to create a complex but refreshing beer for any occasion. First of our “Steampunk” series, the Aeronaut pilots his airship into the sunset seeking adventure beyond the shore.

A Steampunk Beer
of Independence.

Learning to fly was a bold move for a woman in the early days of aviation. We wanted to honor that bravery and determination so we made a beer! We start with our Aeronaut California Common and its rich California heritage of floor malted Sacramento River Delta barley and we rest it in some bourbon barrels to build character. After just a little while, Aviatrix was ready to fly! The crisp California malt and world hops are blended and mellowed with vanilla, oak, and stone fruit notes. Enjoy Aviatrix for a robust yet refreshing flavor to savor responsibly.

If Aeronaut was First, Aviatrix is the boldest. She is looking beyond the sunset and outside the sky for her adventure, braving the void to tame the last frontier

Sky Sailor,
A Steampunk Beer of Authority.
7.6% ABV 55 IBU 

A California Common brewed up to a double IPA. Rich and malty; strong and dank, juicy and bright.
If Aviatrix is our California Common with grace and independence, Sky Sailor is our California Common with strength and authority. We used the traditional IPA techniques of brewing a stronger beer with more hops to create our “California Common Pale Ale.” And since we are old enough to have experienced the Cold War, it was a natural to call this beer a CCCPA. If you are too young to get the joke, we salute you!

Every ship needs a crew. The Sky Sailor keeps the machinery running and the airships aloft with knowledge, experience, ingenuity, and determination. At the end of the day, this beer is their namesake and reward.

Revenge of the Night Witches,
A Black IPA

The 588th Night Bomber Group of the Soviet army was a very special group of women. They flew long-obsolete wooden biplanes at night, shutting off their engines and gliding into their targets to avoid detection by the Nazis. Because they flew wood and fabric airplanes a single tracer round would ignite the aircraft. Since they flew as low as they could for accuracy a parachute was useless. 8-9 missions a night fighting Nazis only to fight ingrained sexism and rigid gender expectations from the Soviet army during the day.
Wingwalker Brewing feels that any woman who goes through that much trouble to fight Nazis deserves a beer. Here it is; strong, dark and bitter to commemorate their gallantry. Revenge of the Night Witches is also part of our Badass Women beers.

Erika the Hungry,
A Red Ale.

Another Badass Woman is Erika the Hungry. Born of a Red Ale and matured with a double dry hop, this beer balances a strong malt character with floral and pine aroma notes and medium bitterness. Erika the Hungry is an essential companion no matter where your saga takes you.
From epic international wilderness trekking, mountain and rock climbing, Ultimate Frisbee tournaments, discovering new geology and defeating your worst fears to celebrating small and large triumphs with friends, Erika the Hungry is a steadfast (beer) companion. Remember to always pack out your trash.

Howl of Cerberus,
A Porter with Heat.

This porter sings a song of the underworld. It is infused with cacao and Hatch Valley chilies for a rich flavor and just a taste of fire.
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