Wingwalker Brewing - K’s Physics Phest

K’s  Physics Phest

This beer is named for K., a founding investor of Wingwalker Brewing. K’s love of beer, great bars and good conversation has led to tech start-ups, improbable friendships, and lasting memories of odd party moments.
(Pro Networking Tip #1: Always drink with smart people)
It was K who issued the first brewing challenge to Dave: “This is Schȍnramer Gold Fest Beer, can you make something like it?”
That was how K’s Physics Phest was born. Our rich malty version is the perfect accompaniment to a Fall Harvest Festival or a night out in your lederhosen.
We suggest serving it with roasts, wurst, schnitzel, and fried potatoes.
Base Malt: Organic American Pale Malt
Specialty Malt: Vienna
Bittering Hop: Perle
Aroma Hop: NONE
Dry Hop: NONE
ABV%: 5.8
IBU: 22