Wingwalker Brewing - Dark Matter Lager

Dark Matter Lager

The only beer specifically designed by rocket scientists for exploring the universe.
Seriously, this beer really did win Second Prize in the All-NASA Intramural Homebrew Competition. Originally a small beer brewed in conjunction with the Double Chocolate Hazelnut Stout, Dark Matter Lager is very sneaky. Despite its dark, rich color and heady aroma of roasted barley and chocolate malts, this is a true lager with a refreshingly light, crisp flavor.
Dark Matter Lager is perfect for a dark summer night of stargazing or trying to understand the mysteries of Life, The Universe, and where to find The Perfect Taco.
Base Malt: Organic American Pale Malt
Specialty Malt: Carafa
Bittering Hop: Warrior
Aroma Hop: NONE
Dry Hop: NONE
ABV%: 4.7
IBU: 20